And, Away We Go …

well, hello there.  let’s see if we can figure this out, shall we?

Months ago, I was looking at my old blog and reading through some of the posts on there. I hung my head in shame at all the mentions of “from now on …” and “let’s try this again …”  I mean, really, how many times can one woman restart? And how many times can she fall short … give up … just stop?

Apparently, quite a few.

Guess that is at least one thing I have done consistently.

But, hey, this is the first day of a brand new year.  The very first page on a 365 page story. A new beginning.

So … here we go.

This will be my story. A journey, if you will, to a better me.

Last year, I successfully made my way through the entire Bible. Awesome, right? Until you take into consideration that I merely READ through the Bible. THIS time I want to STUDY the Bible.  So, beginning January 5th I will be joining with the Good Morning Girls as they begin a study of the Bible, starting in Exodus.  I have colored pencils, pens, crayons (yeah … that’s right … crayons), journal and Bible ready to go! SO excited.

For the last two years I began, but have yet to finish, a fitness program called Bikini Body Mommy. Well, on January 5th a new 90 day program starts. I intend to finish this time. And, because I need accountability to finish, I will document it all right here.  In the last few months I have gained back every last ounce lost in the last two years. This time, I intend to do this thing right!!!!!

I really (kinda) want to run a half marathon. Well, ok, I want to walk/run a half marathon … let’s be realistic. I will be 47 years old this year and have only been a “runner” for the last few years. I want to set an attainable goal, so “Ralking” a half (“wunning”?) is doable … so, let’s do it!

There are a few other household goals … meal planning (for both fitness AND budget’s sake), organization, purging the unnecessary and simplifying, household schedules … basically getting my stuff in order. I want a simpler life that allows me to be the best wife, mother and PERSON I can be.

To be the person HE wants me to be.

And, what better place to start than at the very beginning …

January 1, 2015 … let’s make this year count.

This JOURNEY count.

This Journey to A Better Me.


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