It Can Only Go Up From Here … Or, is it DOWN?

Today was day one of the newest 90 day challenge at Bikini Body Mommy.


Not only was it a tough workout (ok … let me tell you. Today was a “fit test”, so, it was only 8 minutes long. EIGHT MINUTES. I am not at all sure how she fit that much crazy into 8 minutes, but … there ya go.), but it was also day one which means weighing and measurements and … wait for it … pictures.


And, again, I say ouch.

But, I know from experience that there is a whole lotta proof in those pictures if you do this thing right. The pictures are necessary. The scale lies. The mirror lies. but the pictures? No … the proof is in the pictures. (as long as you are wearing the same clothes, in the same poses and the same lighting!!!) And, so, they are a necessary evil.

But, ouch.

I can tell it has been WAY too long since I had a real workout, because my numbers were not great. But those numbers will go up.

The number on the SCALE, however, was a up a little TOO much. In fact, I am officially 3 lbs LESS than the highest I have ever been. WHAT???  That is what lazy gets you.


So, while some numbers will go up, here’s hopin and prayin some go down. Like the number on my jeans. WAY down.

And this time … this time I won’t be throwing it all away.

I made a little video to post here, but I can’t figure out how to post it without the little cord thingy. And that is on the other side of the room. And, just no …

Cause, ouch.


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