It Can Only Go Up From Here … Or, is it DOWN?

Today was day one of the newest 90 day challenge at Bikini Body Mommy.


Not only was it a tough workout (ok … let me tell you. Today was a “fit test”, so, it was only 8 minutes long. EIGHT MINUTES. I am not at all sure how she fit that much crazy into 8 minutes, but … there ya go.), but it was also day one which means weighing and measurements and … wait for it … pictures.


And, again, I say ouch.

But, I know from experience that there is a whole lotta proof in those pictures if you do this thing right. The pictures are necessary. The scale lies. The mirror lies. but the pictures? No … the proof is in the pictures. (as long as you are wearing the same clothes, in the same poses and the same lighting!!!) And, so, they are a necessary evil.

But, ouch.

I can tell it has been WAY too long since I had a real workout, because my numbers were not great. But those numbers will go up.

The number on the SCALE, however, was a up a little TOO much. In fact, I am officially 3 lbs LESS than the highest I have ever been. WHAT???  That is what lazy gets you.


So, while some numbers will go up, here’s hopin and prayin some go down. Like the number on my jeans. WAY down.

And this time … this time I won’t be throwing it all away.

I made a little video to post here, but I can’t figure out how to post it without the little cord thingy. And that is on the other side of the room. And, just no …

Cause, ouch.


Goin’ to Work

Today is January 3, 2015.

THREE days into the new year.

Roughly 11 years into my career as a wife and mother.

And today it hit me.

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” Col 3:23

See … here’s the thing. I’ve been looking at this whole housekeeper thing all wrong.  Cause I’ve been looking at it as if it’s MY house. Or, ya know, OUR house.  But, it’s not. No … it’s HIS house.  And it should be used to HIS glory, not mine.

And so today, when I was having a conversation with a friend and she mentioned stopping by and I had a PANIC ATTACK at the thought that someone might actually see. my. house., I realized that there may possibly be a problem.  But, truly, my house is THAT big of a mess. It frequently looks as though someone has taken the entire structure, turned it upside down and shaken it like a snow globe.

Yes. That bad.


So, today I hired a new housekeeper/chef/shopper/budget-er/home manager.

Today I hired me.

And today I began working as though I am working for the Lord, and not people.

And, by people, I mean me.

No more stuffing closets, cabinets and drawers when someone knocks on the door. No more stacking clutter in neat little piles. No more shifting the mess to make it look pretty less horrifying.  No more pretending it’s all under control.

Cause, news flash, IT IS NOT UNDER CONTROL AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First things first, we put Christmas away. And, then I organized the toy boxes in the living room and rearranged the furniture. We brought the rug up from the basement and switched the broken chair out with one from the guest room/office and basically got the living room in order.

Tomorrow, I will start on the kitchen and at least get it clean. I will follow that with bedrooms, bathrooms and the office, getting them clean at the very least. Once I have the house CLEAN, we will begin the organization process.  I will take care of this house like it is my job.

Cause, it is.

And I will do it as for the Lord.

And then, when someone knocks on the door, I won’t freak out. When a friend calls me hurting, I can say “come over and let’s talk” without panic in my voice.  I will use this house as He intended, not just a sanctuary for my family, but a place for friends and family to visit and feel His presence and know His love and FIND. HIM. HERE.

‘Cause, after all, this is HIS house.

Also, I am accepting applications for an assistant … any takers???


And, Away We Go …

well, hello there.  let’s see if we can figure this out, shall we?

Months ago, I was looking at my old blog and reading through some of the posts on there. I hung my head in shame at all the mentions of “from now on …” and “let’s try this again …”  I mean, really, how many times can one woman restart? And how many times can she fall short … give up … just stop?

Apparently, quite a few.

Guess that is at least one thing I have done consistently.

But, hey, this is the first day of a brand new year.  The very first page on a 365 page story. A new beginning.

So … here we go.

This will be my story. A journey, if you will, to a better me.

Last year, I successfully made my way through the entire Bible. Awesome, right? Until you take into consideration that I merely READ through the Bible. THIS time I want to STUDY the Bible.  So, beginning January 5th I will be joining with the Good Morning Girls as they begin a study of the Bible, starting in Exodus.  I have colored pencils, pens, crayons (yeah … that’s right … crayons), journal and Bible ready to go! SO excited.

For the last two years I began, but have yet to finish, a fitness program called Bikini Body Mommy. Well, on January 5th a new 90 day program starts. I intend to finish this time. And, because I need accountability to finish, I will document it all right here.  In the last few months I have gained back every last ounce lost in the last two years. This time, I intend to do this thing right!!!!!

I really (kinda) want to run a half marathon. Well, ok, I want to walk/run a half marathon … let’s be realistic. I will be 47 years old this year and have only been a “runner” for the last few years. I want to set an attainable goal, so “Ralking” a half (“wunning”?) is doable … so, let’s do it!

There are a few other household goals … meal planning (for both fitness AND budget’s sake), organization, purging the unnecessary and simplifying, household schedules … basically getting my stuff in order. I want a simpler life that allows me to be the best wife, mother and PERSON I can be.

To be the person HE wants me to be.

And, what better place to start than at the very beginning …

January 1, 2015 … let’s make this year count.

This JOURNEY count.

This Journey to A Better Me.